"The most instructive meeting to inform me what steps needed to be taken to have a serious conversation and presentation with a potential investor. It also helped me understand investors: there are details any SERIOUS investor will be looking for (and a big 'red flag' if these items don't come up)."

If your company is seeking financing, bringing on investors, or positioning yourself to be acquired, a key question you need to ask is: what do you as an Owner need to do to be prepared? As the industry expands, we’re seeing more investors, as well as more acquisition activity. Investors and larger companies alike are looking at well-established cannabis companies as well as those pioneering new methods, products and services. There are steps you can take to prepare as well as making your company a more attractive target.
It’s important to keep in mind the opportunities that can come from finding the right sources of capital to help grow your company, or finding the right suitor to purchase your company.

Join this FREE “lunch & learn” on Tuesday, January 23, 2018, from 12pm to 2pm, to learn about financing, mergers, and  acquisitions, and learn how you can best be prepared when opportunity comes a-knocking.


Tom Zuber, Managing Partner, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca.

Josh Lawler, M&A and Deals Attorney, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca.

Avis Bulbulyan, President, SIVA Enterprises.

Evan Eneman, CEO, ELLO
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 
Time: 12pm to 2pm
Location: 350 S Grand Ave, 32nd Floor, Los Angeles, 90071 
Free Lunch & Learn, hosted by: Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP
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With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Silicon Valley, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca attorneys specialize in finance, intellectual property, M&A, litigation, and regulatory matters, and have over 10 years experience working with clients in the Cannabis industry.
Licensing, Operations & Management
SIVA Enterprises is a full-service cannabis business development firm that provides consulting, full application support, operations management, strategic partnerships, brand and product development, integrated operations, and much more across the United States.
Accounting Planning, Advisory and Tax
ELLO is a full service professional services firm, providing consulting, financial advisory, accounting, risk advisory and tax consulting services to the cannabis industry and companies around the US and internationally.